Conference on Fisheries and Society – Challenges to 2025

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Fisheries and Society Challenges to 2025, 11-12 October 2018, Stockholm, Sweden. 

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Fisheries and Society Challenges to 2025, 11-12 October 2018, Stockholm, Sweden.

Over the past decade fisheries management reforms in the Nordic countries have sought to include elements of market based economic instruments and in particular individualised quota management. Evidence based research and analysis undertaken in 2017 and 2018 highlight various economic and social effects and outcomes in a number of Nordic fisheries where these instruments have been used.

The conference seeks to bring together higher level civil servants from Nordic fisheries administrations, parliamentarians dealing with fisheries matters, fisheries organisations and invited speakers for an informed and informal discussion on the challenges to Nordic fisheries management to 2025 and beyond, with a focus on the relations between fisheries management and society at large. These discussions and exchange of experiences should contribute to learning from each others' successes and failures in fisheries management reform. 

Based on the new research referred to above, the detailed aims of the conference are to heighten the understanding and hence demystify the use of market-based fisheries management systems and in particular individual transferable quota systems, discuss the lessons learned from those Nordic countries that have an experience in their implementation, administration and use, and to better understand their effects, and acceptability, on fishing communities, fishing fleets, revenues and the returns to society. The important economic contribution fisheries potentially can generate to societies is an important consideration for fisheries policy makers on the one hand, while ensuring that the fisheries management and its outcomes are legitimate in the public opinion on the other. The results of this work and the Conference discussions will subsequently be used to outline a vision for the future of Nordic fisheries. 

The hosting of the Conference is sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers and organised by the Nordic Marine Think Tank. Further details in PROGRAM.

Participation at the Conference is free of charge but registration with the organisers is required. 

For further information you can contact Carl-Christian Schmidt, Chair, NMTT ( or NMTT Secretary Victor Hjort (





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