NMTT Climate Initiative

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NMTT Climate Initiative

Nordic Climate Change Forum


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Climate change has already moved fish stocks from their traditional areas something we have also observed with certain fish stocks in the Nordic region. The fisheries and aquaculture sectors must prepare to adapt to these changes. Last year the NMTT began to work on a climate change vision which the NMTT Board recently reviewed (see WWW.NMTT.ORG)

While working on our climate change vision it became apparent that there is no Nordic public platform for fisheries and aquaculture organizations and interests to meet with ocean science with a view to discuss and advance the understanding of the impacts of climate change on their sectors. Against this background the NMTT has started a dialogue with the Nordic Council of Ministers about a potential program for how to address this. We look forward to over the coming month to be able to report in more details on this initiative. See the NMTT vision here. 





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Recognising society's duty to assure sustainable  exploitation and clean seas

Aiming at sobering the debate on exploitation of marine resources by input based on best available information and science


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